illustration: Benefits of Exposure, aka: exposure vs exploitation and the value of creative work

In the following process video, I draw this image in Photoshop on my Wacom Cintiq while talking about some issues that businesses and creatives face.

Talking about the value of creative work in business and why businesses benefit from paying for quality work. I also discuss why illustrators, photographers, musicians, designers, etc should charge for their work and when, rarely, to do it for exposure.

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Jake Parker's Video about Exposure

I'm getting to the point in time my career where I want to warn younger creatives of some of the lessons that I've learned the hard way.

99% of the time, someone promising "exposure" is just someone trying to get something for free that they should pay for.

In this video, I discuss the difference between exposure and exploitation in the hopes that business people and artists can have mutually beneficial relationships.

I discuss at length the concept of relationships based on a balanced exchange of value. That value can be money, altruism and, on rare occasions, exposure, but often, that "exposure" is actually exploitation in the form of an unbalanced relationship where one side is getting a significant amount of value and not giving any value in return.

Lego Fett in a Tetradic Scheme

"Almost all creativity involves purposeful play" Maslow Description: This is a project I designed with the intention of getting adults to find the value in play.

Process: I started by taking a series of interesting shots of lego figures. I chose Boba Fett because it matched my chosen color scheme and my message. I wanted to have a design style that would match the time period of the original Star Wars release dates, so I used a '70s style with the colors and shapes. I took the image into photoshop and created a vector mask for the circle. Then I created a vector circle behind the picture. Then I created a series of vector swooshes and curves by duplicating a slightly changing the curves with the pen tools. I then altered the text from the quote in Illustrator and imported it into photoshop as a smart object. Finally, I painted some watercolor splashes and stains, scanned them in and brought them into the design. I used the blending layer options and opacity to mix them into the design. Then I masked out the areas where I didn't want watercolor texture.

Message: Creativity comes from playing and adults who would like to be creative should remember what it was like to play as a child if they would like to be creative.

Audience: Baby boomers who where children during the release of the original Star Wars trilogy.

Top Thing Learned: I typically don't use purples, pinks, or violets, but I found that it works very well here with what I was trying to do.

Color scheme and color names: Tetradic - Violet, Brick, Lime and Teal.

Title Font Name & Category: Magestra Script - Script (or Decorative Destroyed Script)

Copy Font Name & Category: Optima - Sans-serif

Focus – Foreground

Date and location you took the photo: I took this image Feb 4 in my studio.