Lego Fett in a Tetradic Scheme

"Almost all creativity involves purposeful play" Maslow Description: This is a project I designed with the intention of getting adults to find the value in play.

Process: I started by taking a series of interesting shots of lego figures. I chose Boba Fett because it matched my chosen color scheme and my message. I wanted to have a design style that would match the time period of the original Star Wars release dates, so I used a '70s style with the colors and shapes. I took the image into photoshop and created a vector mask for the circle. Then I created a vector circle behind the picture. Then I created a series of vector swooshes and curves by duplicating a slightly changing the curves with the pen tools. I then altered the text from the quote in Illustrator and imported it into photoshop as a smart object. Finally, I painted some watercolor splashes and stains, scanned them in and brought them into the design. I used the blending layer options and opacity to mix them into the design. Then I masked out the areas where I didn't want watercolor texture.

Message: Creativity comes from playing and adults who would like to be creative should remember what it was like to play as a child if they would like to be creative.

Audience: Baby boomers who where children during the release of the original Star Wars trilogy.

Top Thing Learned: I typically don't use purples, pinks, or violets, but I found that it works very well here with what I was trying to do.

Color scheme and color names: Tetradic - Violet, Brick, Lime and Teal.

Title Font Name & Category: Magestra Script - Script (or Decorative Destroyed Script)

Copy Font Name & Category: Optima - Sans-serif

Focus – Foreground

Date and location you took the photo: I took this image Feb 4 in my studio.