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I am an illustrator, designer and visual creative. I focus on the message of the project in my work.

p: 208.352.0085

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Cory Kerr Online

Blog – the hub of it all…

Instagram – coryrkerr Progress shots of things I’m drawing and animating. Also, I go live on here.

YouTube – corykerrart I post tutorials and screencasts of illustrations and podcasts.

Twitter – @corykerr I tweet, I’ve tweeted, I’ve been known to tweet Process videos, progress shots and art

Behance – Online portfolio

Linked In – Check out my resume and reference letters

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process posts, speed drawings, etc

Illustrations by Cory Kerr

original art, prints, stickers, shirts, hoodies...

Most of these can be found with greater detail, behind the scenes and process videos in the blog section

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