Some Shots

Light - Outside Light – Inside

Focus – Foreground

Focus – Background

Composition – Thirds

Composition – Lead Room

I've always liked the shape of the taylor building. For the first lighting shot I waited until the sun started to drop and turned the bottom of the clouds to warm colors. I metered the camera on the edge of the clouds and sky, then composed the shot and took it. I then lighted up the mid tones and shadows in the foreground and midground in photoshop. For the indoor lighting shot I grabbed two designer vinyl toys with vastly different textures and put them on a chess table that my dad made. I lit them from the side with a bright lamp attempting to get some really good shadow definition. A few adjustments in photoshop and a little sharpening and we have the second image. For the Focus Control images I set up a group of toys staggered on the chess board and moved the light a little further away to diffuse it. I first focused on the bounty hunter and then focused on the skeleton. In both of these shots, I pulled the yellow back a lot to give it a more natural look. In the first composition shot I was walking around campus and noticed that a large group of birds moved from the trees to the roof of the building. I waited for a while and snapped shots in burst mode when they did it again. I framed the shot and waited until the birds entered the frame. The sun lit the wings of the birds as they flew by, separating the black birds from the shadows of the building nicely. I accentuated this in photoshop. Finally, I got out the Ninja Turtle my daughter gave me for Christmas and composed a shot showing a little lead room for Michelangelo.