The Coward's Blame Game

The only things in this life that you can control are your thoughts and your actions. Blaming others is a powerless move. When we choose to blame others for our problems, we have decided that the solution is outside of our control and we can't do anything about it. This is a place of no action and a place of no power. It doesn't matter that you can convince others of your opinion or that you feel justified because those around you agree that you've been wronged. The blame game makes you a victim. You'll see the world as a victim and try to get others to sympathize with your victimization. You have become a victim.What does this have to do with work or creativity? Well, for one, no one wants to work with a victim who constantly complains. People want to work with those that are confident and inspire others. Also, if you're telling stories of clients, employers and coworkers offending you, you are talking to potential clients, employers and coworkers. People don't like walking in eggshells. Presenting yourself as fragile bad for business.