Dress Creatively (while staying professional)

Today I was told by a client that the way I dressed when we first met, instilled confidence in my creative abilities. After meeting me for the first time, they commented on my attire and said, "well, we know that whatever he does, it'll be creative" I used to dress for comfort and a little rebellion. There was a point in my professional career that I wore flip-flops for over a year. I realized that I was missing out on marketing my visual abilities by showing up in a teeshirt and jeans.

Now I rebel in a different way. I choose my clothing to wear to professional meetings like I would elements of a design I'm working on. This doesn't have to cost a lot of money either. Ross, TJ Max, Dillards, etc are your friends here. In fact, I think you send the wrong message if you're all blinged out with a $5k watch and matching cufflinks. Your a creative, not selling high risk mutual funds. Teeshirt and a sports coat or a jeans, necktie and untucked square bottom button up send the message that you're taking this seriously and you're creative.

Don't wear cartoons. Don't overdue it. Don't mismatch colors or patterns. Don't let your clothing choice make people question your abilities in your creative field.