Vintage Shipping Crate Labels

I've included here a few shipping labels that I've designed that will go on Chesbro Music Co's NAMM booth. You'll notice that these are quite distressed. I've made them to look like they've been shipped across the ocean and/or have been heavily used. This year we've designed the NAMM booth to be a 1920's shipping/loading dock. You can see some images of the back wall of the booth here. You can also see Last year's NAMM booth which was a hybrid of this theme. We'll be replacing the back wall and reusing the crate stacks.

Shipping Crates: Trade Show Booth

Design by Cory Kerr This is some work in progress shots of the booth I designed. You can see the original drawing here. Combined with the crate stacks and tower of music from last year's booth,

this 16'x6'x12' booth represents the large warehouse full of product that Chesbro Music Co has ready to ship to your store. Now we just have to throw a bunch of guitars and ukes up there and some signage to describe them and blam-o... we're ready to go. The cool thing is that this booth sets up in less than an hour and breaks down to fit on two pallets.