Midcentury Mad Men Offic, AKA What I'm going to do soon

So I've been dreaming up ways to make my home office more creative. Mainly, I've been trying to come up with ways that don't cost a bajillion dollars to make my office more creative. Then lo and behold, Whorange.net

Whorange is a blog that makes me want to jump back in time several decades and enjoy Midcentury extravagance. Basically, what I've got right now is an unfinished basement with concrete walls and a concrete floor. I'm thinking that I'm thousands of dollars away from finishing it until I see this rope wall office.

Now, you've got your concrete unfinished... but painted and with the extra added bonus of a swinging rope wall. Granted, its a beaded curtain and a few red light bulbs away from a brothel, but this is a way cool set up. Here's a few more shots.

So that get the dividers done and then check out some of the other options for the walls:

Throw in some furniture [one, two], mad men styling and some more DIY projects [glitter floor, storage, etc] and you're good to go.