Pinterest, not just for chicks

So I've recently gotten into pinterest. If you've ever been on there, you might wonder what interest I have in diets, wedding dresses, dog sweaters or Ryan Gossling... Well, before you question my orientation, I'd like to mention a little know side to pinterest. Artistic inspiration. Check out my "illustration" board for example. I've been able to come across artists, illustrators, designers, etc that I never would've otherwise. I love it. I'll be honest, it's better than Facebook and twitter by far (if you follow the right boards) and it's not blocked at work (like DeviantArt is:/ )

I find myself on there a couple of times a day to take a break from my own stuff and get a fresh perspective. So if you're looking for artistic inspiration, check it out. You can follow me on there for a start.

I'm becoming obsessed with desks...

So I've come across this site full of really cool minimalistic office furniture. If course, I was drawn to the desks with my current search for a small midcentury piece. This site seems to be about ten times more expensive than I'd ever pay, but they have some cool stuff.









Desk Design

So, I like the tilting ability of drafting tables but not the "table" aspect. So I drew up a tilting writing desk. I may build this, or I may not. If course, if I do, I'll post pictures... In the mean time, here's the sketch. 20110918-123525.jpg