Creative South 2019 Speakers

Here’s a rundown of the topics covered by the speakers at Creative South 2019. This conference rocks and is worth scheduling into your plans. The following is a list of the speakers and their online links:

Stop Being Selfish

In this episode Josh and Cory talk about the importance of being selfless as an artist, and the problem of selfishness in commercial art and in the classroom in team environments.

Revolution Against Algorithms!

In this episode Josh, Cory, and Scott talk about the downside of algorithms, the corruption of social media, the annoyance of gatekeepers, and then we discuss some possible solutions/forms of revolt against the status quo.

Feast and Famine

In an epic episode, we tackle feast and famine, or, how to deal with the ups and downs of an independent contractor’s income.


With one of the weirdest, conspiracy ridden, fake intros yet, here’s another episode of 48 Hour Art Check covering what happens when things get hard.


In this episode Josh and Cory join special guest Scott Serkland to discuss the topic of contracts for graphic designers and illustrators.

Project Communication

How do you effectively delegate? How do you manage people working on a team remotely? Josh and Cory tackle asynchronous communication on creative projects.

I Almost Died part 3

In this episode, Scott, Cory and I tell more near death stories from our life, this time with our pal, illustrator Scott Serkland...

I Almost Died part 2

In this episode Josh and Cory continue their discussion about their near death, and other such life experience stories that treaded on injury/fatality and also happened to make for great storytelling practice

I Almost Died part 1

Description: In this episode Josh and Cory started their discussion about their near death, and other such life experience stories that treaded on injury/fatality and also happened to make for great storytelling practice.

Automation Apocalypse

Carrying on the conversation about everything being automated, Josh and Cory are joined by Scott Serkland to discuss what artists and writers can do to make sure that we are not replaced by artificial intelligence in the near future.

Automation and Art

Automation is happening. It has been happening for a long time, but it is increasing and becoming more and more effective at the work that drives our economy. What will be left after that? What will be rare, scarce or in demand at that point? Humanity and creativity.

Overcoming Interruptions

So you're being productive, staying on task, getting stuff done and BAM... something interrupts you. Maybe it's a good interruption, maybe is a stressful one... in this episode we discuss how to stay productive on your side project, your art, your comic... whatever it is, here are some techniques you can use to avoid getting sidetracked.

Physical Therapist vs Artist

Covering everything from preventing injury to working through them, a professional Physical Therapist joins us to discuss the particular injuries that artists are at risk for.

Belonging vs Fitting In

There is a feeling of belonging when you find your tribe, your people. It is different than fitting in and it relates to the art you make.

Our Comics Process

Creators love discussing process. If you can fall in love with the process, then you’ll never run out of motivation to work on your art. In this episode Cory, Josh and Scott talk about their art and story process and when we change it up to get different results.

Timing in Comics

I love this episode. Timing in comics is a super interesting topic because in film, time=time, but in comics, you can’t control the reader’s eye or how fast they speed past everything… but there are things to help you control the pacing and speed at which the story progresses… for example, in comics, time=space/size. Josh and Cory discuss different techniques to control time in comics and how to implement them.