What is StickerStint?

A stint is a short period of time spent doing something. Like, "I did a stint in the army," doing a Sticker Stint is a short period of heavily focused art. The Sticker Stint is an art challenge intended to help produce a lot of small designs or illustrations in a short period of time.

The basic idea is to do 30 stickers in 30 days, though artists may alter the numbers as needed.

Based on inktober and 100 days of making comics, Sticker Stint is a way for artists to build good habits, get some eyes on their work, improve, get faster and build a community.



You can do a Sticker Stint anytime you'd like. Choose a 30 day period and jump in. You don't need permission from anyone, we'd love to have you.



(Day ZERO)

There are two stages in a stint, the prep period (Day Zero) and the production period. The days or weeks leading up to the actual stint are collectively called, "Day Zero."

During Sticker Stint: Day Zero you should be prepping as many ideas as you can. Making lists, taking notes, brainstorming and even doing a little bit of thumbnail sketching.

Most people will not have the time to both come up with an idea and design a sticker each day, so Day Zero prepping is important.


The hashtag #stickerstint should be used so we can all keep track of the stickers everyone is making. Use this hashtag in each post relating to your Sticker Stint.



There are a few things that will really make a StickerStint work well. This is a challenge to help your art improve as well as help you connect with people. Announce your challenge, be public, blog/vlog and sell the good ones.

What do you need to do?

  1. Public Goal: announce publicly on social media what your goal is. For example, "Starting on January 1, I'll be drawing a new sticker every day for 30 days."
  2. Share Your Work: each day share your designs with #StickerStint on whatever social media channels you choose.
  3. Sell 'em: Whenever you really nail a sticker, upload it to a print on demand service like TeePublic so people can buy it.
  4. Vlog: one of the best ways to have your audience keep you accountable is to do a daily vlog during the stint. You can simply talk for a minute about the day's design or get more elaborate with time lapse videos. The vlog can be anything, but make sure you tell us what day you're on, "My name is Cory Kerr and this is Sticker Stint: day 17."

Facebook Group & Email

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Check out my first Sticker Stint

I posted daily videos on my youtube channel.

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