borg tribalizm vs lone wolf isolation

What is the problem with tribalism? When people get together and stop thinking as individuals, we get some major mob mentality problems. Being an individual balanced with the greater society is the goal. In this episode, I talk about how some existential theory might help us strike a balance of thinking for ourselves whilst keeping the collective society in mind.

What are you willing to ignore when you're getting what you want?

What are you willing to pretend isn't happening if a group or issue you're aligning with is benefiting you? I'm talking about trains running on time under Mussolini, economic recovery under Hitler, and some benefits under groups that tend to have some huge downsides to their behavior...

Why is everyone so angry?

Why is everyone so angry? Why are so called “fans” attacking actors and creators so viciously? I’ve got a few ideas… in a list… in a video…

10 steps to passion project productivity

Are you struggling to start a passion project? Having trouble staying motivated on your side hustle? Creativity isn't magic, it's a process. There are driven people out there, but they don't have anything that you don't have... their productivity on their personal projects comes from a series of practices.