What I'm up to lately

You may have noticed that my posts have slowed down a little lately. Never fear, I'm still alive. I've been spending my early mornings and evenings working on a graphic novel. This will be the first comic I've done. I'm not trying to break into the comic industry or work for Marvel or anything. I just have a story to tell and I'm following my personal rule to work on skills unrelated to my current employment. Its pretty exciting working on something of my own, rather than someone else's project. My plan is to post the entire book online for free with the intention of seeing if anyone is interested in reading it. If there is an audience after I've told my story, then I'll see if anybody is interested in purchasing a printed copy.

So here's how that is going to work. I'm drawing the pages of the book out of order. I also want to make sure to meet my schedule and with a full time job, that means that I'll need a cache of pages already done before I start posting them. So while you won't see a ton of stuff posted here in the next few months, just know that I'm holding back some really good stuff.

I'll announce via email, twitter and facebook when I start posting pages (which should be mid 2013 at the latest), so stay tuned.

In the mean time, I'll be getting up early to spend several hours drawing and writing before I need to go to my full-time job. So far, this has been one of the most rewarding things I've done with my "free time." It is an amazing way to start the day. I highly recommend getting up early and creating something, even if you don't plan on showing it to anyone.