illustration: Molotov Misogyny & Killing Creativity

I made this image to show that women are still having to fight against misogyny. I used the imagery of stone/wall for misogyny as a barrier and a Molotov Cocktail as a representation of the ongoing fight.  The idea of the power that women is represented by the fire. The Molotov Cocktail breaking through is the hope that the fight is working.

When my daughter started school, my longstanding concerns about the way school is structured became very real and concerning. You see, I believe that America's current school system is structured to create Model T factory workers, not creative, thinking adults. During the industrial revolution, America needed robots, but lacked the technology to build them. Instead, we began to train our children to be robots.

In today's education, children, all of whom are naturally creative and artistic, are told to sit down, be quiet and do exactly as they are told. Art, music and thinking are disruptive to the system and to the classroom environment. Over the course of years, our kids are trained to follow instructions, not to think for themselves and this has led to a loss of creativity.

The illustration merely shows creativity entering a school house and conformity coming out. The world can make robots now. We don't need people to be robots. We need people to be people and to think and create.

Learn more about this by watching this TED Talk.