Creative gifboom ideas

If you're not sure what gifboom is... skip this post. Kamehamehaaaaaaaaaa!!!

So, here's a couple of tips to make creative, unique and cool gifs for gifboom.


Cory Kerr can fly

Websters defines flying as "not touching the ground for a while" (that's a lie, I don't own a dictionary)

So making a flying gif is the same. Video yourself jumping a lot and then screenshot yourself at the peak of each jump. Hey look, now you've cut out the parts were you touched the ground and you're flying.

cocked eyebrow

Take a minute and check out my comic... like right now... ready? Go!

Rotoscoping is your friend

Have you ever wondered how George Lucas got lightsabers to work on screen? In today's era of CG effects, it's not that big of a deal, but back then, they literally hand painted each frame of the movie when a Jedi whips out a lightsaber. It's called rotoscoping, and you should google it because you can make awesome gifs with this technique. Just video yourself doing something, then take photoshop or some image editing software, and go paint something in there frame by frame... like I did with my Dragon Ball Z gif up there.

Warning: This will take for-fraking-ever, so make sure you have a cool concept before you start.

Stop Motion

You may know this as claymation. Stop Motion is a technique where you take a still photo, move something a little bit, then take another one, then move something a little bit, then take another shot...

This is how the old Christmas movies with Rudolf and Frosty were made. Tim Burton is a master of this. Grab some toys, paper, whatever and go at it.

Flip it and Reverse it

I haven't done a gifboom example of this, but doing normal things, then playing them in reverse, is rad. For example, video yourself walking backwards and then throw a knife off screen. When you reverse this gif, it looks like you're walking forwards and catch a knife out of mid-air.

Do me a Favor...

If you take a moment to wander around my site and leave a comment here and there, you'd make my day. I put a lot of work into this site and if I see that gifboomers are looking for tips here, I'll come up with more rad ways to be awesome on gifboom.

Be nice to each other!

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