Tongue-Cut Sparrow process video updates

Process Videos and Vlogs

The following videos are from my youtube channel and show some of the work I've done up until this point on this book. You'll also hear me talking about different things, so if you're here just for the art, hit that mute button.

Old Man piloting a Mech

Click below to watch the videos of me working on this page. Click here to purchase the original inks page.

Finished Colors - level up by using diminishing returns

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illo talk: Camera Bug speed drawing

Watch the speed painting video of this sticker being drawn.

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illustration: inspiration and motivation

I'm doing stickers! Make sure to get on my email list so that you don't miss out on the announcement. If you want a little sneak peek, hit the video around 16:30 to see a few of the ones I've finished.

And, if you're interested in following along, make sure to follow me on instagram: coryrkerr, snapchat: coryrkerr, twitter @corykerr and/or youtube. Anywhoooo, here's the sticker that I drew while talking about how to consistently get inspiration for your creative work.

You should go there and take the #turnofftoactivate challenge. Read up on it there, it's pretty awesome (and fairly easy).