Consider the Lilies: practical applications

Whether you're religious or not, you can learn a lot from the lilies.20120624-091226.jpg

"Consider the lilies of the field, how they grow; they toil not, neither do they spin" Jesus Christ, KJV Matt 6:28

Consider This Actually thinking about how the lilies grow is a lot more than telling yourself not to worry and that everything will turn out ok. Considering how they grow reveals some things that can be helpful creatively, professionally and personally.

Worry: Waste of Thoughts and Energy 20120624-142137.jpg [EXPAND read more]Flowers cannot control the rain, soil content or the sun. A flower without these vital things will die. Yet, they can do nothing to control the elements. As you will read, there are some things they can do which I'll get to later. The key here is to learn to put everything into two categories: 1. Things you cannot do anything about 2. Things you can do something about If you spend any time thinking about things in the first category, you're worrying. It's pointless. Worrying is one of the most dangerous things you can spend your time doing. Not only does it accomplish nothing, it is also an exhausting and stressful way to avoid things you can actually do something about. Lilies don't worry. Think about this as you have conflict with people, stress with deadlines, and battle with a blank page.[/EXPAND]

Be Prepared [EXPAND read more]Lilies may not be able to control the rain, but they do prepare for it. Imagine two flowers. One spends it's time worrying that it hasn't rained in a while and the other busily works to be ready when it does. The second grows stronger, deeper roots and larger leafs while the other frets about the drought. When the rain finally comes, the worrying flower is totally unprepared and washes away or starves whilst the second flower soaks up all the water it can. Worrying will never accomplish anything other than distracting you from what you could be doing. Lilies focus on building a root and leaf system to be ready to receive the sun, water and nutrients as they come. If you are having a drought of sales, it's the best time to do some serious marketing. If you don't have work, it's a great time to increase your skill set and better yourself. If you're always preparing, you'll be ready when it rains.[/EXPAND]

Be Open and Receptive [EXPAND read more]Having prepared, the lilies are ready when the situations outside of their control turn to their advantage. They're constantly on the lookout for drops of rain and rays of sun. There roots are always spread and there pedals and leafs literally face and follow the sun across the sky. When opportunity strikes, they immediately act without hesitation. They've learned to recognize opportunity. Soak up opportunities when they come.[/EXPAND]

How Strong Roots & Big Leaves are Grown [EXPAND read more]Do you know which plants have the best root systems? The ones that don't get watered hourly. The ones that have to stretch to find water because it isn't coming to them. The plants and trees that survive droughts don't get blow down in wind storms. The tallest trees are only that tall in an effort to rise above their surroundings and get some sun. What we do during adversity determines what's we're capable of doing during times of plenty. We become better in the rough times and thus enjoy more of good in the good times. If times get hard and things outside of your control create an environment that causes you to suffer, then use the opportunity to grow some bigger leaves and deeper roots. [/EXPAND]The droughts are nothing more than opportunities to prepare for the rain.