Raised by Teachers: the downside

I was raised by two teachers, my dad taught high school and my mom stayed home with us. All four of my grandparents were teachers. At least half of my aunts and uncles teach. You know what's awesome about being raised by teachers? Summer.You know what sucks about it? Summer. [EXPAND Read More]As a kid, my dad had all the same days off that we did. When we got out of school, so did he. We never had really elaborate vacations or anything, but we did have long ones. Most of the time was spent piled in the car visiting relatives, but still, no kne was working. This was the case for the first couple decades of my life. Then I graduated and started my career. You know what I found? I got two weeks off a year for vacation. I was raised having 25% of the year to myself and all of the adults around me had the same schedule. Now I get less than 4% of the year off. There's no real point to this post other than: when the sun comes out, it's hard to stay in the office.[/EXPAND]