Label Failing as Experimenting

I believe the secret is to stop labeling mistakes and failures as such and start experimenting. When you experiment, you're on an exploration. You don't know what you'll find. You're exploring a concept or an idea. It's fluid. It changes. It's not wrong or right because it's not done. You may have to go back a step or two. You may have to start over. You haven't failed, you've found a route that doesn't go where you want it to. A quick story will illustrate this.A father and son are lost in the woods and come to a fork in the road. Not knowing which one to take, they say a quick prayer and feel like they should take the left road. As night begins to fall, they quickly realized that the left road is not the correct path. As the head back to the fork to get on the right road, the son asks his father, "why did God send us down the wrong road?" His father responded, "So that we knew for sure that it was wrong. Now we can forget about it and focus on the right road." So stop beating yourself up about failing and learn from your experiments.