Artcasters: Yes or No?

I've been on the Artcasters a few times now and I thought I'd start posting them here. As Scott said, "Cory has been on this show so much that, at this point, the other guests are just keeping the seat warm for him."

In this episode we set out to cover the topic of when to say yes or no to different opportunities that arise in an artist's life. We cover a lot of topics, but the most useful stuff is when we're discussing the variables that we use to weigh whether or not to take something on. If you want to hear about paid contests, value, exposure, how saying yes opens up a lot of opportunities and when you should absolutely say no to things... this is the episode for you.

You can also see the rest of the times I've been on the show below (and make sure to check out the ILLO TALK playlist with all of this stuff)

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