My inking and coloring process


I still have a lot of texture to do, but here’s a #maythe4th that I drew last night. You can see me work on this on last @serkworks YouTube channel. @joshuakemble, Scott and I talked about some stuff you should check out. #art

Clean up the inks in photoshop a little

flat colors

the flats help section off the major shapes

Highlights & Shadows

then I add highlights and shadows with adjustment layers, painting in the areas on the adjustment layer’s mask

Radial Gradients & Textures

The videos explain this better, but I use radial gradients on a low opacity to bring out the colors

Here I am on artcasters with Josh Kemble and Scott Serkland inking and talking.


Here is the inking of the textures and values and whatnot.


Here is the coloring process on an episode of illo talk