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So, it's likely that you're here to find out about one of a couple of things: 1. You want to be notified when I post new illustrations, animations and/or podcasts I'm doing OR... 2. You want me to send you tons of spammy emails that clog up you inbox and don't add any value to your life.

Well, the first group is in luck, because I will only send very few emails to this list and I will make sure that there is a decent reason to send an email.

For those in the second group, um... probably go look at some internet porn while your computer contracts a virus turning it into a spamming machine emailing all of your friends about this awesome deal on mortgages/debt reduction/deposed Zimbabwe royalty.

If you don't like it, it's easy to get off this list, so if you wake up tomorrow morning and realize that it was a horrible, terrible, no good, very bad idea to sign up... just unsubscribe, but if you do, you'll stop getting updates to my site (also, somewhere a butterfly will die).

We can probably still be friends though, but more like the type of friends who say hi at the store rather than the ones I have over for dinner... you know, there are some limits for people not on this list.