Bonsai – be authentic, be flawed


The below video is a speed drawing of the bonsai illustration. I also spend some time talking about the lost art of authenticity… and karate kid… the original one, not the weird remakes.

In the bonsai tree scene of Karate Kid, Daniel walks into Mr Miyagi’s workshop and he imparts some awesome wisdom.

D: Are those real trees? How did they get so small?
M: I train. Clip here, tie there…
D: Did you go to school for this?
M: Father teach.
D: Was he a gardener?
M: Fisherman.
D: A fisherman. These are really beautiful.
M: Come, you try.
D: I don’t know how to do this stuff.
M: Sit down.
D: I may mess it up or something.
M: Close eyes. Trust. Concentrate. Think only tree. Make a perfect picture down to last pine needle. Wipe your mind clean. Everything but the tree. Nothing exists in whole world… only tree. You got it? Open eyes. Remember picture?
D: Yeah.
M: Make like picture. Just trust the picture.
D: How do I know my picture’s the right one?
M: If come from inside you, always the right one.