Action: The cure for being overwhelmed

Do something. Do it quickly. Do it now.

Did you say, "Duh" when you read that? Well, it is pretty obvious, but we fall into the overwhelmed trap all the time. For some reason, when our plate gets too full we shut down. We start thinking of EVERYTHING that we have to do and don't know where to start. It seems like an insurmountable task (or pile of tasks)... The answer I've found is very simple: Action

Do something

The cure for being overwhelmed is to get rid of the feeling that you're not accomplishing anything while there's so much to do and replace that feeling with doing something about it. As soon as you knock something off your list, two things happen:

  1. You've accomplished something, giving you momentum
  2. Your list is smaller

Do it quickly

Do it quickly refers to two things:

  1. Choose something that you can get done fast (if you have a huge pressing deadline that will take you a while, make that the second thing you do)
  2. Start quickly: see the next point, "Do it now."

It doesn't matter if you start with the easiest thing or the quickest thing or the thing with the most pressing deadline, it only matters that you start on something that you can finish soon and finish it. Knock it off your list. Get some traction on your day. Make a move. Take action.

Do it now

Don't wait. Don't try to convince yourself or muster up the whatever to get started, just get started. Do it now. Remember that action is the answer. Worrying does nothing. Once you realize that you're overwhelmed, you need to stop thinking about being overwhelmed and do something about it. You'll find pretty quickly that life is a lot easier when you're doing something rather than worrying about doing something.

Do something. Do it quickly. Do it now.

Check out the Poster I made for this concept.