Shia Labeouf is a crazy thief and I drew a picture

Here are some close ups of a conceptual illustration I just finished for my Masters at SCAD. If you are not aware of Labeouf's delve into crazy town, here's the scoop:

I'm into comics and specifically I'm into indy comics. Labouf wanted to get into it too, but he kind of went crazy and ended up plagiarizing, stealing and generally acting like a nut job. Here's a little article about some of his more interesting responces to copyright infringement. 

Basically, he tried to do a comic, but doesn't know the difference between a picture book and sequential art. Then he stole a comic and made a movie out of it. He was caught and apologized for not giving proper attribution (showing that he doesn't understand that he would have to pay for the rights to the original comic creator, not just site his work). Ironically, his apology was plagiarized. He showed some more ideas for storyboards of an upcoming project, also plagiarized. He then tweeted that he was resigning from public life and started showing up to red carpet events with a bag on his head with the words, "I AM NOT FAMOUS ANYMORE" written on it. He made a nonsensical comment at a panel about seagulls chasing boats. Then he opened up a performance art piece in NY where he would sit with this bag on his head across from the table from people and cry. Later, he got violent at Cabaret and was arrested. The arresting officer made a statement that he doesn't think Labouf was sane. He stated that while he was trying to arrest him, Labeouf was not making any sense and started doing pushups next to the squad car.

I'm not sure that he's actually nuts. He could just be a huge thieving jerk who's trying to hide behind insanity as a defense or he's doing it all for publicity. Either way, stealing a creator's work and passing it off as your own is really low, even if you may be insane.