Sticker Stint is back!

I'm doing another Sticker Stint and you should do it with me. All you have to do is design or illustrate a sticker everyday for the last bit of February and share it with the hashtag #stickerstint.

Day Zero

Start with the idea phase, or what I call, "day zero," and come up with as many ideas as you can. Get out your notebooks and sketchbooks and write, draw, sketch, brainstorm, mind map, create word lists, do blackout poetry, read, take long walks, shower several times a day... whatever it takes to get the ideas coming. Plan out as much as you can to get started, then when Feb 14 hits, start making stickers. Make one everyday and share it with everyone. More details can be found at

borg tribalizm vs lone wolf isolation

What is the problem with tribalism? When people get together and stop thinking as individuals, we get some major mob mentality problems. Being an individual balanced with the greater society is the goal. In this episode, I talk about how some existential theory might help us strike a balance of thinking for ourselves whilst keeping the collective society in mind.