Growth vs Fixed Mindset in art - how you think can help you improve

Carol Dweck's book, "Mindset" has some interesting implications for those of us that are choosing to live a creative life. How do I get better at art? How do I improve my illustration? How do I finish comic books? These and other questions might be answered by the way that you think about your abilities. Do you believe that some people are talented and others are not? Do you feel that intelligence and creativity are fixed attributes or do you feel that these are things that can be increased and improved? Jump in with us as we discuss the different aspects of how thinking can affect our abilities.

Task Switching Penalty

Josh and Cory tackle the task switching penalty. This is the price you pay for attempting to multitask. When you give into the myth of multitasking, you will be less productive in your art. We discuss tips and techniques on how to use switching brain modality to your advantage.

The individual and creation (why make art)

What is it that defines you? What makes you ... you? It isn't your job, your relationship to others, or many of the things that we tend to use to define who we are. Josh and Cory get into a deeper discussion on existentialism and nihilism philosophy and how our creations and how we do our art that is a window into what it is that defines who we are.

How to handle the pressure

Scott Serkland joins Cory and Josh to talk about how to handle the pressure and I might never top the intro to this podcast episode…

Stephen is writing!

Checking back in with Stephen. When we first met Stephen he had several Chapter Ones of many books, but wasn’t writing consistently or productively, now things have changed. He’s developed habits and is making progress.

Why people tell stories

Why do we tell stories? What is it about humans that make us gravitate towards storytelling. A huge amount of our entertainment and education is based around stories. In this round, Josh and Cory discuss the importance of storytelling.

Falling in love with comics

In this episode, we discuss how we first came to love comic books. You can listen to the abridged podcast episode above or watch the full video below.

6 indie comics you should read

Scott Serkland and Cory Kerr talk about 6 different indie comics that they recommend. Listen to the podcast above or watch the full video with the art check at the end below.

Printing shirts on print on demand sites

Josh and Cory tackle the competitive advantages of different sites where beginning artists can print and sell merch like shirts, tanks, hoodies, stickers, mugs, and even shower curtains.