I am an illustrator, designer and visual creative. I focus on the message of the project in my work.

p: 208.352.0085

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Connect with me and see what I’m up to professionally on linkedin. Additional information can be acquired by contacting me via email or Twitter @corykerr.

Further information is available by checking out my recent blog posts, portfolio, his twitter &facebook accounts.

Cory Kerr Online

Behance – Online portfolio

Linked In – Check out my resume and reference letters

The Mixed – The comic I’m currently producing. Check it out and leave a comment.

Twitter – @corykerr I tweet, I’ve tweeted, I’ve been known to tweet

Instagram – Mythidiot Progress shots of things I’m drawing… occasional pictures of quesadillas.

Flickr – corykerr A few photos I’ve taken in the last couple years

DeviantArt – corykerr Another place to put some art.

Kickstarter – Mythidiot I’m all over this. See what projects I’m backing What I’m doing socially (lots of quotes from my kid)

Pinterest – mythidiot I keep a series of boards including design, illustration and architecture.

YouTube – mythidiot I post tutorials and screencasts of illustrations.

Google+ – Yup, I’ve got one of these accounts too