A “work in process” shot of The Mixed by Cory Kerr found at MixedHistory.com

Additional information can be acquired by contacting me via email or on any site listed below.

Further information is available by checking out his recent blog posts, portfolio, recommendations on linkedin, his twitter & facebook accounts.

Who is Cory Kerr?

The answer to that question depends on who is asking. I’m a husband, father and creative. I thrive on helping people succeed. I spend my free time learning new skills. I’m online and you can checkout my footprints.

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  • Michael

    I believe you meant “technologically”, rather than technically. Otherwise, you’d have to explain why monsters who are only barely superior to forest dwelling bestial monsters are able to build such impressive structures ;)

    • http://www.mixedhistory.com/ Cory Kerr

      You are correct sir. I’ll fix that tonight. I am a terrible speller… my phone’s autocorrect has ruined me.